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Straight Into Darkness
Review Quotes

“Strikingly original and eerily compelling . . . 
the exhilaration of classic tragedy.”

— Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“The feel of Edgar Allan Poe having shanghaied Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe and marched them through his fevered imagination . . . such atmosphere and tension
that we can’t run from it.”

— Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

“In the stylistic tradition of Terence Malick’s The Thin Red Line blended with the contemplative imagery of Robert Frost and the darker ponderings of Edgar Allan Poe . . . An artistry that distinguished Burr from other filmmakers.”

— Stina Chyn, Film Threat

“A horrifying descent into violence and madness worthy
of Goya . . . Unexpectedly moving, with terrific performances,
hair-raising action scenes, and mood that just won’t quit.”

— Robert Butler, Kansas City Star

“Inhabited by powerful actors, these characters are all so engaging that one cannot help but become involved in their story.”

— Noah Passovoy, SXSW

“A damn solid war movie . . . an anti-violence parable . . .
a memorably mesmerizing visual experience . . .
sincere and heartfelt artistry.”

— Scott Weinberg, E-FilmCritic.com

“A heady brew of redemptive themes by way of Joseph Conrad, with editing and camerawork from the playbooks of Orson Welles and Sam Peckinpah.”

— Robert Koehler, Weekly Varitey

“A sleeper hit . . . a gritty, hard-hitting war tale with disturbing supernatural overtones.”

— John Stanley, San Francisco Chronicle

“Visually adventurous and almost experimental in spots,
Burr’s film avoids all the conventions of war movie blandness. It’s an original and surprising take on the genre, one made with refreshing intelligence and artistry.”

— Jonathon Doyle, FantAsia Film Festival Programmer


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